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Many European companies find themselves challenged in finding answers to; ‘HOW DO WE INVEST or ENTER INTO EMERGING MARKETS’.

To establish your business in unknown regions, like Southern Africa, you need to know where to go and who to talk to. You need to somehow find out if and how this is going to work for you?

You would need reliable partners to give you the ‘correct’ information upon which you can base your decision and investments. Thus eminent that you need to know if your product and/or business model stands a chance in these markets.

Although it is clear that you need to invest time and money to enter new markets. There is no ‘easy’ or ‘quick fix’ scenarios for African markets. This is still ‘emerging’ and you need to take that risk in these uncertain markets. However, although select, there is enough market information to find out if it is worth your while to enter these markets.

Much budget is wasted on travelling and getting to know a country or local industry. For us these first steps are history and we get you into the market or in front of potential business quicker than if you would go out on your own.

We do not believe in ‘magic’ or opportunistic stories that are too good to be “not” true. It is hard work to be successful in African markets as a non-African company. In short: It is though, very though. You need all the help you can get.

We believe we can make a difference for many manufacturers and producers with our services and knowledge to become successful in Southern Africa. Our added value is that we work on your behalf and interest to give you inside on how your products, services or ideas match the Southern African markets. Acting as your local representative making sure that the steps you take are forward and not backwards.

At NBI we are efficient, flexible and effective. We take a practical approach that results in giving you facts & figures on which you can base your decisions. We limit your risk in unknown territory.

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